The Joint Standards of Practice

The Standards of Practice provide a framework of principles to convey a collective principle of professionalism, skills and values in positive reinforcement-based training. As members / certificants (collectively referred to as “members”), each individual member will undertake the following:

  • To understand and promote Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive (LIMA) training and behavior work.
  • To continue professional development by reading relevant material; attending conferences, workshops and seminars; and pursuing other educational opportunities.
  • To review and understand source material and academic texts for information.
  • To abstain from representing training and behavioral information as scientific, unless the information is derived from peer-reviewed and published research.
  • To refrain from offering guarantees regarding the outcome of training and behavior work.
  • To always maintain professionalism through: 
    • Providing your services honestly
    • Treating animals and clients respectfully
    • Valuing and preserving the privacy of clients
    • Maintaining professionalism with colleagues and other professionals.

The subscribing organization implement these Joint Standards through their shared Code of Ethics.