Member Organizations of the Joint Ethics Panel


Established in 2001, the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers focuses on providing a rigorous and independent certification process for anyone working professionally with companion dogs and their people. They test knowledge and skills for humane, successful training and behavior work, and members must maintain their certification by demonstrating their commitment to continuing their education. Click here to learn more about CCPDT. 


The International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants was founded in 2004, with the goals of standardizing and supporting the practice of animal behavior consulting through certification and accreditation, providing quality, evidence-based education and peer mentoring, and providing resources for pet owners needing advice. In addition to providing a comprehensive certification program for dog behavior consultants, IAABC offers similarly rigorous exams for cat, horse, parrot, and shelter-based behavior professionals. Learn more about IAABC here. 


Pioneering animal trainer and author Karen Pryor designed and launched Karen Pryor Academy’s first program in 2007. Since then, KPA has become a leader in clicker training education for dog trainers and behavior professionals as well as people who are interested in learning how to train their pet, offering a variety of online and in-person courses based on the science of operant conditioning. Click here to learn more.